Strategy in action

Executing our strategy in a challenging environment

As an organization embedded in a complex, constantly evolving environment, we strive to anticipate and adapt to the challenges and opportunities driving change across the healthcare industry.

Increasing role of manufacturing and supply security

The COVID-19 crisis has put the capacity of systems to supply essential medicines and vaccines under enormous pressure. One of the most important lessons learned is that the world must strengthen its manufacturing capacity and supply of strategic assets, such that critical products are always available to secure the health of its population. Excellence in manufacturing is possible by adopting the latest break-through technologies, respecting the environment, and having high-quality standards of production. The pandemic has shown that innovation is not only key to providing medicines to patients, but also to addressing possible shortages by reinforcing regional production and cross-border supply.

Transformative effect of new technologies

As other industries with disruptive potential move into healthcare, we need to adapt and embrace new technologies to remain relevant.

  • New research insights, product offerings and pricing models will increasingly be informed by data and advanced analytics.
  • The growing importance of mobile and electronic health will enable the industry to better understand and address individual patient’s needs.
  • Machine learning could replace certain experiments.
  • Emerging technologies should improve the drug development process, including advanced tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trials.

Tackling environmental challenges

Climate change will have a major impact on global health and the way to conduct business. Sustainability is not just about reducing carbon emissions, but also the management of water, waste and natural resources. Developing circular processes can save costs while reducing pollution, waste and effluents.

Progressing our Play to Win priorities

During the first year of its Play to Win strategy, Sanofi has made measurable progress even in the midst of a global pandemic. Our growth drivers have delivered and we have advanced our research and development pipeline of potentially transformative drugs. We have also made progress in accelerating our efficiency and started to change the ways we work.

Our 2020 performance

Sales by geographic area

All figures as of December 2020, unless otherwise indicated.
All growth rates are expressed at constant exchange rates (CER). On a reported basis, company sales were down 0.2%, business net income was up 4.2% and business EPS was up 3.9%.
For the definition of financial indicators, please consult the press release issued on February 5, 2021.
1 Dupixent® (dupilumab) is a product in collaboration with Regeneron. Dupixent® is approved for different patient populations with atopic dermatitis, asthma and chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps. It might not be approved in markets where you live, please check locally.