Manufacturing and supply

Committed to excellence in manufacturing and supply

In 2020, the world rediscovered the strategic importance of securing the production and delivery of essential medicines and vaccines. Sanofi’s manufacturing and supply organization stepped up to the challenge. During the pandemic, 100% of our sites have remained operational to continue to produce needed medicines and vaccines and distribute them to millions of people worldwide. We also continued to deliver on our ambition: transform and digitalize our uniquely diversified industrial network, and ramp up our biotechnology capacity so that our facilities are as innovative as the medicines in our pipeline.

2020 key facts and figures

  1. 69
    industrial sites around the world
  2. 33,000+
  3. €1bn
    invested every year to transform and modernize our industrial network
  4. 4.8bn+
    units of pharmaceuticals, consumer healthcare and vaccines sold in 2020

33,000+ employees: excluding temporary employees.
All figures as of December 2020, unless otherwise indicated.

Sanofi Industrial Affairs provide an essential link between R&D and patients

Reinforcing a uniquely diversified network focused on industrial excellence

Our success in delivering essential medicines and vaccines during the pandemic is the result of an operating model based on major regional manufacturing hubs that make products primarily for their region and have the capacity to supply other regions. Combined with a common culture of industrial excellence, customer service and quality, our model-the Sanofi Manufacturing System-proved its effectiveness.

Our decision to create EUROAPI, a new European company for the development, production and marketing to third parties of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) follows the same spirit. While it is unrelated to COVID-19, it addresses one of the challenges amplified by the pandemic: enable greater stability in quality drug supply to millions of patients in Europe, and beyond.

1 Company estimates based on comparison with data published in annual reports of major API companies.

EUROAPI-A new industry champion

  • Standalone company combining our API business with 6 of our European API production sites
  • Expected sales of €1bn by 2022
  • Expected to rank world #21
  • Headquartered in France
  • 3,100+ employees with a presence in 13 countries and sales in 80+ countries
  • Karl Rotthier appointed Chief Executive Officer

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Expanding our technological leadership to bio production

Sanofi’s industrial network is constantly evolving to support latest pipeline developments and enable the production of potentially transformative therapies, by leveraging a range of innovative modalities across therapeutic areas. We invest heavily in the transformation and modernization of our facilities, focusing on bio production-from biologics active ingredients, to injectable biologic drugs and vaccines.

In 2020, we announced the creation in France of a world-class vaccine production site and new vaccines research center. The Evolutive Vaccine Facility will use the latest innovative vaccine production technologies with fully digital modules to make up to four vaccines simultaneously. This will allow us to manufacture vaccines on a massive scale in response to future pandemic risks. In addition, the facility represents our responsibility to the environment, designed to have a minimal environmental footprint.

The Evolutive Vaccines Facility–State of the art production site

  • €490m invested over five years
  • Expected to create 200 jobs
  • Located in Neuville-sur-Saône, France

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Sanofi Digital Factory, Framingham, Massachusetts, US.

Rolling out the digitalization of our network

Our industrial network has continued to innovate and execute our digital transformation to ensure agility, higher productivity and sustainable manufacturing with a smaller environmental footprint. Digital transformation of our major factories, covering all technologies, is on its way.

The grand opening in 2019 of our first digital biomanufacturing facility in Framingham was only the first step.

In January 2021, we announced the launch of an ambitious project in Sisteron, France: the creation of a fully automatized and digitalized chemistry unit to accelerate the launch of new chemical molecules from our R&D portfolio that intend to bring breakthrough therapeutic solutions to patients.

We are leading the green and digital manufacturing transformation with the ambition to have 17 fully digitalized sites in 2022, reducing CO2 emissions by 50% by 2025.

Framingham-Overall Facility of the Year 2020

  • One of the first fully digital facilities of its kind in the world
  • Located in Framingham, Massachusetts, US
  • Named Factory of the Future and Overall Facility of the Year in 2020 by the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering

#SanofiActs–Industrial Affairs teams committed to fighting COVID-19

We secured and, for some medicines, even increased our production and distribution all over the world to guarantee supply in the countries where we operate. 100% of our industrial sites performed more than 95% of their activities, ensuring drug supply continuity despite demand that multiplied seven fold for some medicines.

In parallel, we prepared our industrial sites in France, Germany, Italy and the US for the large-scale manufacturing of our recombinant COVID-19 vaccine candidate once it receives approval.

In 2021, we will also support BioNTech and Johnson & Johnson in manufacturing their COVID-19 vaccine in our facilities in Frankfurt, Germany and Marcy L’Etoile, France, leveraging our know-how and European industrial capacities to help address global supply demands.

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Sanofi’s industrial affairs teams in France continue working to support patients and healthcare professionals in this COVID-19 pandemic.
“We are here for you, so you can stay at home”