Digital strategy

A digital roadmap with big ambitions

We aim to use digital to transform the business and become a leader in digital healthcare. Our new Digital Roadmap outlines eight priorities that are fully aligned with the company’s Play to Win business strategy.

The digital strategy will directly support business growth and also drive efficiencies across the company, and ultimately enable Sanofi to reinvest in science.

To execute the digital strategy, we plan to invest in our data and digital foundation, upskill our workforce, modernize processes and infrastructure, and innovate in selected areas.

Introducing a new digital culture

To achieve our digital ambition, Sanofi will establish a digital culture and new ways of working, essential for our digital transformation and to accelerate the company’s cultural change.
Two areas are particularly important:

  • Agility: iteration and speed will be an integral part of the process, from strategy to execution.
  • Insourcing capabilities: upskilling our teams and focusing our internal competencies towards our priorities will be a critical advantage.

MVP: minimum viable product.

Major achievements in 2020

The digital roadmap, implemented six months ago, has already:

  • Defined clear digital priorities for the company;
  • built a new leadership team;
  • prioritized our portfolio of projects across the company;
  • launched new digital products; and
  • decreased external spend.

Agile new sales forecasting app

In just six weeks the digital team teamed up with a start-up to build a new mobile application to show sales across products and geographies. The new platform also forecasts sales with a remarkable degree of accuracy and offers a modern user experience.

Next steps

The digital roadmap for 2021 and 2022 is aimed at actively participating in the growth of the company and driving efficiencies.

Across global business units and functions, the strategy will focus on:

  • Increasing patient engagement and digital marketing for Specialty Care;
  • enabling new digital engagement models for General Medicines;
  • scaling e-commerce and digitizing industrial affairs for Vaccines;
  • scaling up e-commerce and enabling data-driven decisions and digital experiences for Consumer Healthcare; and
  • accelerating the research and development cycles through use of data in R&D.