Foreword by Paul Hudson

Our commitment to society

“2020 will be remembered as a challenging and tragic year for the world and the millions of people impacted by the novel coronavirus.

Yet as challenging as last year was, it also brought us—Sanofi and the pharmaceutical industry—closer to our purpose than any time in living memory.

Our people across the world worked tirelessly to maintain manufacturing and supply of essential medicines and vaccines whilst pushing to advance research for a COVID vaccine at an incredibly fast pace.

The pandemic forced us to think and act for the short term, but we did not lose track of our long-term goal and ambition of changing the practice of medicine.

Measurable and important progress has indeed been made in advancing the company’s strategy, taking us closer to bringing breakthrough medicines and vaccines to people who need them.
2020 was also the year during which we reviewed and rethought our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, or what I call our “new contract with society”.

The ambitions of this new strategy have been fully aligned to and embedded in our Play to Win strategy.

The flagship initiatives that will be rolled out in 2021 have a common objective: make our mark where we can and where we are uniquely positioned to do so, to make a meaningful and long-lasting difference.

Our responsibility as a company has never been so important, and this is why we have again renewed our support of the United Nations Global Compact initiative and principles.

It is clear that the pandemic has forced us to question some of the fundamentals of our modern society: how we live and work, but also how we connect with our ecosystems and each other.

COVID-19 by itself will not change the world. But our response to it will.

As we look to the future, all of us at Sanofi will keep moving forward with a strong sense of purpose, and with the objective of doing the right thing for our people, our patients, our communities, and the planet.”

Paul Hudson

Chief Executive Officer

Play to Win strategy

Four key priorities to drive growth and unleash fresh inspiration across our activities:

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Our commitment to society

Four flagship programs to embed our Corporate Social Responsibility in our Play to Win strategy:

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1 As defined by the World Health Organization.
2 Donation with no commercial intent.
3 Scope: Vehicles fleet directly controlled (leased/acquired) by Sanofi and during the usage phase by Sanofi.