People strategy

Changing our culture to deliver our strategy

Reinventing how we work and driving a profound culture transformation throughout the company is imperative to deliver our Play to Win (PTW) strategy. Culture is the first big shift we need to enable, moving away from an inward-looking, complex organization, weighed down by bureaucracy, and focusing instead on relevance, efficiency and putting ourselves in our employees’ and customers’ shoes. Our people are passionate about what they do and we want to create a company where they can bring their best selves to work and deliver outstanding performance.

What is it like to be a Sanofian?

Sanofi has identified four Play to Win behaviors that, when applied individually, would lead all employees-all Sanofians-to move in the same direction and drive real change:

  • Stretch: take calculated risks, push ourselves out of our comfort zone and ruthlessly prioritize our work.
  • Take action: focus on outcomes rather than activity, deliver against our priorities.
  • Act for patients and customers: free up budgets to develop our pipeline, make sure that what we do will deliver better outcomes for patients.
  • Think Sanofi first: prioritize the company over personal or team interests, help a colleague to make a project even more successful.

Our 2025 people ambitions

Sanofi’s human resources organization will be a strategic partner to drive the culture change. Our new people strategy will focus on four pillars, closely aligned with and supporting our Play to Win priorities.
We want our people to work …

…in a Healthy Organization

Sanofi needs to become an agile and competitive organization with clarity of accountability, to meet patient and market needs. In 2021, we will successfully launch the new Consumer Healthcare, General Medicines and the EUROAPI organizations. We will anticipate and acquire the skills we need, with a clear focus on digital capability. We must develop a world-class talent pipeline to feed succession plans for key roles and ensure our future success.

…and have a Purposeful Experience.

More than ever, companies are in a war of talent. To attract and retain the best people, we need to create a highly compelling work experience, offer amazing career opportunities and sense of purpose.

We want to build a Winning Culture…

By anchoring our new Play to Win behaviors across the organization, we will infuse a new culture into the entire workforce to thrive and enable business success. In 2021, we will build these behaviors into all people journeys, from recruitment, through performance management, learning, reward, and talent management. On top, we are implementing a modern approach to the work experience, both in terms of flexibility and agility, but also into new office developments.

Development programs at Sanofi

Find out how the Sanofi University and People Development Learning Institute launched in 2020 develop our people and encourage the emergence of new talent and leaders.

Discover more in chapter 4.2.1 of the Universal Registration Document 2020

…and realize our Diversity Edge.

Our business will outperform through our ability to fully leverage the diversity of our people and partners. The business and societal advantages that come from driving diversity in the workforce and fostering an inclusive environment are significant. We have already made progress on gender, but we have work to do in other areas of diversity. We will also strengthen our relationships with the diverse communities we serve, including better reflecting our communities in clinical trials, supplier diversity, and involving local leadership teams in community projects.

COVID-19: Protecting our people during the pandemic

Our internal Health, Safety and Environment network, as well as global and local crisis committees, have coordinated business continuity planning, organized remote working and adapted on-site working for nearly 70% of employees, mainly those working in R&D, manufacturing and supply, in order to keep our workforce safe and healthy.

We have created online tools and guidelines for employees working remotely, such as mental and physical health tips, return to the workplace guidance, and events and travel advice adapted locally.

To adapt to the new constraints, our teams have also developed digital learning solutions allowing more than 25,000 employees to perform online trainings in 2020, up 9% versus 2019.